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ColorPad v2.5 Released


ColorPad, after a long period of dormancy, has had an unexpectedly fast code revamp and release. CodePad has a newer alpha uploaded too.

ColorPad is a popular skinnable color picking program; one that's been around for years. This latest release "add(s) support for floating point number format ... commonly used by OpenGL and Direct X". Release notes are in the download (way down in colorpad.txt). The author thought is would take much longer to complete the new version. He only began work on revamping the code in the past few days. Revived activity in an old favorite like this one is more than welcomed.

In other news, CodePad has newer alpha (v0.15) uploaded. CodePad is a free-form, skinnable text editor aiming to handle syntax highlighting for HTML and possibly other languages. Bugs will be obvious if you view HTML in it, but it does have basic functionality. You can open and edit text files, which is more than the last alpha I had could do. Still, the author has a renewed interest in the program and plans on improving it.


10:14 pm, Thursday, November 20, 2008 (9 years ago)

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