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Xion Audio Player v1.0.82


, the uniquely skinnable audio player, has recently released a new stable version. With over 200 fixes, tweaks, and added connivances, it's worth checking out if only to see what's new.

Xion is an audio player designed to be fast, easy on memory, be innovatively easy to skin, and just play music. When it came out, it received a warm welcome by skinners who just were enjoying the skin format of the program. No, it doesn't do as much as WinAmp; no, it isn't as minimal as Foobar. This app does fill a certain role, though: it is a light, skinnable, audio player. If winamp does too much boating for you, or if Foobar's simplicity doesn't have enough glamour for you, then Xion might be what you are looking for.

"With 200+ fixes it is well worth the download! There have been many improvements, fixes and changes to make this release well worth the wait."
Here are some highlights:
008 - Add wrapping song name
021 - Add support for new animation types that allow volume/balance and progress display
046 - Add support for Installing Skins that aren't in the Xion Interface Directory. Will copy there and open
112 - Add right click menu to Stop button
113 - Add support for "Fade out and Stop" by Shift Clicking the Stop button
114 - Add support for Toggling "Stop after current" by Ctrl Clicking the Stop button
124 - Add Support for the following file formats: mo3,umx,aac,mp4,m4a,ac3,ape,mac,cda,mpc,mp+,mpp,spx,tta,wv,o
123 - Add support for AutoPlay CD's when they are inserted
168 - Add Portable Release build option that builds a version that doesn't access the registry or have support for file types

There are a total of 227 changes of various degrees of importance. If you want to see what is new, at the site. A lot of effort into preventing crashes was made. If you didn't use the player in the past due to stability issues, give it a try now. Chances are, it's fixed. If not, let them know about it (at least in a reply here if not, better yet, ).

"I've converted from using the FmodEx engine, over to the BASS engine which opens up a large array of new file formats including AAC, MP4, M4A, MPC and APE to name a few."

"This release brings with it many new features for the skin engine which give skinners even more power to create amazing skins." This app was known and loved by several skinners for its easy to use and powerful skinning engine. It just was fun to skin. There are no text files to make or code, yet it can do some crazy stuff. Change 21 ("Add support for new animation types that allow volume/balance and progress display") should be interesting. Everything is controlled by layer naming and internal file manipulation; no dicing and splicing images. I would love to see more programs embrace this method.


04:59 pm, Sunday, April 29, 2007 (10 years ago)

Ok, I've been posting news for years. Usually I get a lot "(insert mane of other app) rocks!" comments instead of feedback. Just give the app a try and share some thoughts be they good, bad, or even indifferent. 8)

05:10 pm (10 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

Does it really support PSD files in its skins or am I just dreaming?!

It has everything I need and I like its simplicity. It's in need of a new default skin tho.

On my machine it's using double the memory that Winamp5 Lite uses (without modern skin support). More than foobar, also.

10:16 pm (10 years ago)

We'll have to figure out something with speed tests. I've never used WinAmp5 lite. I think we should do it with similar skins, tho.

Now foobar.... that will be harder to do. We'll figure out something.

This has given me a cool idea though. >;]

11:25 pm (10 years ago)
craeonics says:

The only thing simple about foobar is its appearance.

But Xion gets props for using an innovative skin system. Still have to check out this build though.

06:33 am (10 years ago)
dpcdpc11 says:

tried it before... and i'm giving a try right now... the skinable system is really amazing... but like the previous releases i'm afraid is not light on system resources... still eats up plenty memory, more than Foobar and it doesnt go easy on the CPU as well.... if this problem could be fixed... and if they could get in some features that winamp lacks and Fobar has...like the playlist tabs.. which is my favorite Foobar feature... then this would definitely be my default audio player.
in the player with a playlist without tabs.. it's frustrating when you wanna play a new play list you have to empty the playlist editor and drag a new one from media library. with the tabs in playlist this frustration goes away cause u already have the playlist loaded and you just have to select it and play it and you could even queue some track from the other playlists.
and another feature that i think it might be good to have it's an Equalizer in a separate window other that the Configuration window.
i think this player could really go get to the people.. if the makers of Xion listens to the opinion of the users. i saw there are quite some skins available... that mean the user's response is a positive. keep up the good work guys!!!

02:57 am (10 years ago)

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