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maríuerlu by bedroompop
well if you actually need four of them open, i guess you'd have to make three copies of the "maríuerlu (left)" folder and change the .png code near th...
Posted 6 years ago.
maríuerlu by bedroompop
left click the circle to show the tabs, then middle click any of the tabs to open the .ini file in notepad. browse down about halfway down to where it...
Posted 6 years ago.
maríuerlu by bedroompop
one of my favourites; you better love it! ;)
Posted 7 years ago.
mio&hana (redux) by bedroompop
thanks! i keep it simple, but i still like it stylish.
Posted 7 years ago.
ERGO by bedroompop
that's awesome to hear; i appreciate it! rarely do i ever get to see any of my shared time-wasters in somebody else's setup.
Posted 7 years ago.

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