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Konvulse for blackbox | 24.02.2006

i take colors from Konvulse web page


Comments (12)


dude that's hot..... i can see a lot of people turning to blackbox with the recently showed styles

Fri, Feb 24th at 05:46pm (11 years ago)
rzepak says:

lovely :)
and i'm on screenshot :D

Fri, Feb 24th at 11:43am (11 years ago)
x_y_z says:

ok this does it, I'm going to give BB a go with this theme..

Fri, Feb 24th at 12:48pm (11 years ago)

just great

Fri, Feb 24th at 01:03pm (11 years ago)

Damn you, Maximhuz. I'll have to think of a new style soon. =P

Fri, Feb 24th at 02:01pm (11 years ago)
Ja2ger says:

...and no other comments...

Fri, Feb 24th at 03:05pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

by the way, use it with teknision msstyle by playboy () :D

Fri, Feb 24th at 03:10pm (11 years ago)

Great Style...!!!G00d W0rk!

Fri, Feb 24th at 03:13pm (11 years ago)
luchtain says:

Holy shit. I just found out about this today. Great work man. Thank you so much for making a blackbox theme based on konvulse. I had no idea who you even were, or were doing this. Anyway, thanks again man, great theme!

Fri, Feb 24th at 04:18pm (11 years ago)

great work mate, looks sharp and well defned.

Fri, Feb 24th at 05:08pm (11 years ago)

Thanks jay :D I'm so used to LS :p

Fri, Feb 24th at 07:54pm (11 years ago)
jay_dee says:

@ Ravers > Edit bbiconbox settings. bblean isn't like litestep, where the themes automatically install the plugins.

Fri, Feb 24th at 09:36pm (11 years ago)

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Created by Maximhuz
on February 24th, 2006


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