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Artist's Note

Wallpaper modified by bsetbg:

Alternate version and freeware font in the zip.

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looks good, everything works.

Sun, Jan 23rd at 07:30am (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

i like the colors! @Driphter man, ur 70 was bad for the rating, you must Rate the black box style not the desktop =__=

Thu, Jan 20th at 02:04pm (13 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

This is a blackbox style submission, not a screenshot, bonehead.

Thu, Jan 20th at 09:46pm (13 years ago)
s1eMeNs says:

this sh1t is HOT =P... sup cthu1hu

Thu, Jan 20th at 10:03pm (13 years ago)
juztin says:

flawless, cthu1hu!! great work!

Thu, Jan 20th at 11:46pm (13 years ago)
unisol54 says:

like the style..but the font's kinda weird to me...ionno prolly just me...i dont like bold fonts in styles...other than that...beautiful colours...well done as always :)

Mon, Feb 14th at 03:37am (12 years ago)

A solid effort. Everything ties together reasonably well but it does seem a bit too dark.

Tue, May 10th at 12:23am (12 years ago)

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Created by cthu1hu
on January 20th, 2005


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