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Member since: August 11th, 2009
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thanks, all i did though was get windows to fix it for me, apparently I accidentally deleted a file that it needed.
Posted 7 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Site issue
thats weird because today there have been 0 people to sign up just like you said, maybe we quit getting spammers to sign up.
Posted 7 years ago in Customize.org.
372 custo page really slow
I have noticed when its a little slow, maybe its all these spammers that started joining.

get it?
Posted 7 years ago in Customize.org.
372 close/maximize/minimize button problem
I only know one solution, get vista for real. j-k

I had XP once and used to install themes with no problem, but thats been a while. Are you runnin...
Posted 7 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Wierd mysterious font problem
you do have your default character encoding set to
western (ISO-8859-1)

My default font is set on Kalinga (on vista using firefox)

if you do...
Posted 7 years ago in Customize.org.

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Dream is destiny by wangdang88
now this is minimalist and very bright. I would have to wear sun glasses just to use my computer if this was my screen. Still a cool desktop though,...
Posted 7 years ago.
Nice Wall. I like the industrial style. Please make a widescreen version. 1920x1200px
Posted 7 years ago.

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