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Artist's Note

Axios for Argus2. Part of the Axios skin suite, ported from Allout's LiteStep theme.


Update: It seems I need to mention, that Argus is a webcam app. The picture of my keyboard is what my webcam was pointed at, it's not actually part of the skin.

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You have the best Argus skins on this site! ;)

Fri, Feb 28th at 04:06am (14 years ago)
LTD says:

Matches your Axios suite perfectly. You've contributed so much to the Axios theme that I'm considering theming XP around your Axios suite. Can you or anyone recommend a StyleXP VS that would go well with Axios? Is there an "Axios" StyleXP VS?

Thu, Feb 27th at 12:19pm (14 years ago)

seems gear is the only who uses argus?

Thu, Feb 27th at 05:44pm (14 years ago)
dc_ob says:

looks pretty cool, too bad i cant use it though

Fri, Feb 28th at 02:37am (14 years ago)

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Created by gear
on February 27th, 2003


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