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Name: Andrew 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 12 years
Member since: September 30th, 2001
ICQ: 8930786

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453 win2k icon problems...
I use iconpackager ()
Posted 16 years ago in General Discussion.

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ClipUp by AWM3000
Winamp 3 sucks only if you have a ghetto pc - upgrade cheapskates :)
Posted 15 years ago.
DMS by AWM3000
I like this, any chance of skinning the playlist and media library ? (Or was leaving them untouched intended ?)
Posted 15 years ago.
orgnc infest by erratic
Yeah, that box has got to go
Posted 15 years ago.
F I R E S T A R T E R BLUE by get Carter
Absolute Classic. Running this on both my home and work pc desktops :)
Posted 15 years ago.

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