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Name: Adam Jassat  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 10 years
Member since: September 30th, 2006
Last update: 10 years ago
Occupation: Inactive
Birthday: May 24th, 1992 (25 years old)
Home country: United Kingdom


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100 Sophomore Suite
Cant wait till customize gets its hand onto some new suites
Posted 10 years ago in Nuance.
100 your mama's so....
Yo Mommas so fat that when she has finished turning around it's her birthday
Posted 10 years ago in Nuance.
1457 How do you say "Have a nice day"
England: Have a nice day
Posted 10 years ago in JUST SAY IT.
372 New site design is Really BAD!
I agree with toki_doki.

People who don't do advanced web browsing wont know about how to use the damn colour picker feature and working with hex cod...
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Web Design
Once you have learnt with HTML and CSS start with xhtml and advanced CSS.

Make sure you get that CSS validated too.
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.

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Bed Time by adz_619
all yar' just talk bullshi.... I will come back later with a new account and show you some proper shots
Posted 10 years ago.
EVOL by Thomax
Nice work ! Great shot, Thomax. I dont think it really looks like mines because you have gone for warmer colours. *Loved*
Posted 10 years ago.
Bed Time by adz_619
@relik: Yeah, that was a quick hack. I am going to trim it down and have text like "run it!".
Posted 10 years ago.
Bed Time by adz_619
Thanks for the comments everybody. Let's wait to see what the others say
Posted 10 years ago.

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Bed Time
10 years ago

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Pacific V2*
10 years ago

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Just a small area to give me extra feedback on how I could develop my screenshots better!

Posted 10 years ago

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motorist says:
How U're doin' ... : )
Fri 27th Apr, 01:56pm
egolatra says:
sooner than you expect :)
Wed 28th Mar, 10:17am