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Name: Kevin 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 15 years
Member since: September 7th, 2001
Occupation: Student
Location: North vancouver BC
ICQ: 62350876
System: p3 500
128 ram
geforce 2 gts 32mb ddr
Media Player: Winamp

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MacOS 7.... Very Simple... But Sweet by airsupply0
what cerbero said :D
Posted 15 years ago.
xShock.de desktop by dephunked
if ya want it to be easier to use, try making it less translucent :D
Posted 15 years ago.
very quick y tu muy silver by xcjbx87
cool, a real mac. Maybe try upping the resoultion a wee bit :D yah after i posted i realized it was prolly a laptop :D
Posted 15 years ago.
gnome4ever by sgaap
nothing matches, too many icons, macos title bar is out of place. looks kinda thrown together
Posted 15 years ago.

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