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Name: Arthur  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 10 months
Member since: May 30th, 2010
Last update: 10 months ago
Occupation: Lazy Bastard
Birthday: October 16th, 1988 (28 years old)
Location: Santa Catarina
Home country: Brazil
MSN: [email protected]
Media Player: Winamp and Media Player Classic

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Uirapuru has posted 9 times.

453 TV Series you're watching
Anyone into the TV series addiction?

Besides the famous The Big Bang Theory, House, Friends, Supernatural, Lost, Dexter and others.

I've been watchi...
Posted 6 years ago in General Discussion.
Totally understand mah man o/
Posted 6 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Don't Bother
Well... I meant ''it's not a problem'' in the apparent situation that the report buttom seems to solve it.

But I guess is not that simple, since you...
Posted 6 years ago in Customize.org.
5068 x32 bit or x64 bit?
ok... now Ive read pacman74's post XD... enlightful article
Posted 6 years ago in Windows 7.

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Uirapuru has posted 301 reviews.

God Is Not Dead by agjm
but should have been gone a long time ago
Posted 4 years ago.
Open Your Eyes by gugajr21 by guga
Ha muito bom e criativo. Gostei especialmente de Puscifer, Maynard Keenes forever man! o/
Posted 4 years ago.
Full Player 1.0 by manci5
That's excellent man, great work. Hope to see more from you.
Posted 4 years ago.
My Hero by gugajr21 by guga
Grande Bowie! Excelente o/
Posted 4 years ago.
Renaissance by gugajr21 by guga
great one guga. minimal and stunning.
Posted 4 years ago.

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