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Gangstaaaaaaaaaaasss... what's up guys?
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Name: Some Chick  Female
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 6 months
Member since: October 23rd, 2007
Last update: 3 years ago
Birthday: June 30th, 1987 (30 years old)
Location: California
Home country: United States
System: Asus k53E
Windows 7 Ultimate
Software / Tools: Rainmeter, Omnimo, GIMP, LogonStudio, CursorFX, Android, Buzz Launcher, Zooper Widget Pro
Media Player: WMP 12, XBMC, Media Monkey, PlayerPro (Android)

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Possession: Laptop/Android devices.


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3854 Title of the song you're listening right now (no further info)
Cry No More
Posted 10 years ago in Tunes.

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Minion Hitman by ThatOneChick87
You have to download from the Ingredients and do some tweaking of omnimo if you want it to look the same.
Posted 3 years ago.
WMTab by ThatOneChick87
It should be compatible. Skins i've used on wmp 11 seem to work fine now that i'm using wmp 12, so hopefully the reverse is the same.
Posted 6 years ago.

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3 years ago

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