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Name: Joseph  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 9 years
Member since: December 7th, 2006
Last update: 10 years ago
Occupation: Student
Location: At my computer DUH!
Home country: United States
Current Projects: Whatever pops into my head...
System: \/\/1nd0\/\/5 XP (heavily skinned)
Software / Tools: Photoshop CS 2, Firefox, a good noggin
Media Player: Sandisk Sansa e260

Technigma's Favorite Things

About Technigma

like Saturdays and just waking up late
I like things right away cuz I don't like to wait
I like tasty cakes, and Philly cheese steaks
And the Tampa bay Bucs and Miami hurricanes (whuuuut...)
Now I like my shoes clean with a fresh pair of jeans
And some rice and some beans and a box of krispy kremes
I like Mt. Dew cuz I like the caffeine
And the pistons and wolverines is my sports teams
I like the Double-Double at the In and Out Burger
But I don't like McDonalds they always mess up my order
I like my man Spongebob and Homestar Runner
I like flip flops and tank tops in the summer
I like to make goofy faces when I smile for the camera
I like to rock old school hip hop and mc hammer
I like Xbox clean socks I like Canada

^^Well that's about it, except the caffeine part and the sports teams


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SSC 07

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372 Taglines
They're from one of the old Customize.org themes, I was using it before Evo came out.
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
38 Screenshot upload not working
I'm trying to upload a screenshot for SSC07, but after the ingredients page, I get the Oops page. It's only on screenshots, as I succesfully uploaded...
Posted 10 years ago in Bugs.
1011 Favourite Firefox add-ons
Adblock Plus - an absolute MUST!
All-in-one Gestures - mouse gestures rock!
McAfee SiteAdvisor - very useful, especially if u download a lot
Posted 10 years ago in Firefox.

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Galcial by Technigma
I got the image from sxc.hu
Posted 10 years ago.
Paper by Technigma
It is over, you can see it on the top right one in the preview
Posted 10 years ago.
widescreen pack 5 by ether
Nice. Too bad I don't have a widescreen...guess I'll just crop em.
Posted 10 years ago.

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A thank you.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my walls, even if you say some part of it is retarded it is still appreciated because I know what to change next time I make a wall. I post my best walls here, but everything on deviantart. Thanks again!

Posted 10 years ago

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