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Name: Tony 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 12 years
Member since: September 13th, 2001
Occupation: Student
Location: USA
AIM: StratusFearOSX
System: 12" iBook 1.2 GHz. 768 MB RAM. 30 GB HD.
Media Player: iTunes

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453 cool info
are you talking about this? ____.:|[ StndrdDC ]|:._____ _.:|[ www.StndrdDC.tk ]|:._
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 cursor HELP!
A while back (when custo relaunched) i found a cursor pack that looked just like the default pack only it had a loading bar for the busy and waiting c...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 T-Clock Help
i had something running the the task manager that wouldnt let it run. so i closed it and it worked. i cant remember what it was called cause im at sch...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Sysmeter
sysmeter 1 - sysmeter 2 - _____.:|[ StndrdDC</...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Wheres ThemeXP?
it's down _____.:|[ StndrdDC ]|:.______ .:|[ www.StndrdDC.cjb.net ]|:.
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.

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Mercury2 by dick831
I need that theme...where can i get it?
Posted 15 years ago.
Deep Smooth Desk by StndrdDC
daily screenshot? wow...didnt know it was that good...i have no idea why i used bmp, i didnt intent to
Posted 16 years ago.
SimpleStuff by honz12
i was mess around with this theme and i found a better WB skin to go with it, it is Dangeruss' Mr. Clean skin. it goes perfect with the background.
Posted 16 years ago.
ThemeXP Style - Desktop by Sifer
deviantart? nice way to support custo...NOT!
Posted 16 years ago.

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Deep Smooth Desk
16 years ago

Netscape XP
16 years ago

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