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Artist's Note

iPhone Theme for GAIA08

Compatible with Firmware 2.1

Comments (18)

nolloo says:

Love it, absolutly awesome :)

Wed, Oct 1st at 03:35pm (8 years ago)
novoo says:

you should install an app launcher like quickgold before you install the winterboard theme..

Wed, Oct 1st at 03:53pm (8 years ago)
mushaboom says:

Not a iPhone user myself, but this looks stunning.
( :

Wed, Oct 1st at 04:25pm (8 years ago)
mitali says:

Amazing work (:

Wed, Oct 1st at 06:17pm (8 years ago)
aantar says:

Where are the wallpapers?


Wed, Oct 1st at 06:42pm (8 years ago)

Yeah this makes me wish I had one. Looks amazing.

Wed, Oct 1st at 06:54pm (8 years ago)

I agree, this is amazing. I'll try it out.

Wed, Oct 1st at 08:38pm (8 years ago)
naalo says:

oops ;)

Thu, Oct 2nd at 12:27am (8 years ago)
reb70 says:

I love it. Great.

Thu, Oct 2nd at 05:33am (8 years ago)
staticuxo says:

no wallpapers, just the preview as a wallpaper? 3 icons? how is this usable?

Thu, Oct 2nd at 11:15am (8 years ago)
firaga says:

i'm not a fan of apple but this is really nice!

Thu, Oct 2nd at 03:25pm (8 years ago)
Imrik says:

The wallpapers are submitted to the wallpaper gallery of gaia. You will find them in the end of the gallery. The icons are provided in the Icon pack on Gaia. All Icons are in png and you just need to replace the empty pngĀ“s with those of your choice :)

Fri, Oct 3rd at 01:29am (8 years ago)
doktaphex says:

Hey Imrik, may I first say that this is the most beautiful winterboard theme that I have seen. However, you mention that the icons are all in the icon pack. obviously they need to be scaled down to 64x64, so which program would you suggest using for this. Thanks in advance.

Tue, Oct 7th at 11:26am (8 years ago)
t2cc says:

how do i install this? i want to use it so bad but i am new to installing themes

Tue, Oct 7th at 11:20pm (8 years ago)
obriente says:

umm... yeah where is this "complete installation guide" that you claim is included? it's not in the download.

Thu, Jan 15th at 05:00pm (8 years ago)

First thing I did when I saw this... Run to the t-mobile store and get myself an iPhone. Joke joke, I think this theme is wonderful and I will most certainly use it on my phone.

Sun, Apr 26th at 03:14pm (8 years ago)
tayyface says:

Heya Imrik, I'm a huge fan of your GAIA themes. I have firmware 2.2.1 on my phone, but I have it jailbroken and I have Quickpwn, which currently works with Winterboard. I just don't know how to install this theme. And I also don't know how to make the other icons look like they will match the dock icons. Do you have options for the general icons? Thanks!

Wed, Jun 24th at 03:10pm (8 years ago)
chikuba says:

i can only c like 5 icons, the rest are blank 4kb-files

Wed, Jul 6th at 11:01pm (6 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on October 1st, 2008


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GAIA 2008


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