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Name: Lawrence Long Wang 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 years
Member since: February 16th, 2005


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453 Lookin for a faunt! Halp me please?
thanks man, but *shrug* it's gotta be that specific font
Posted 9 years ago in General Discussion.
887 Help me find some skins?
How is this on the frontpage with 4 days of inactivity?...
Posted 10 years ago in Stardock.
453 Is that a ___in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me...
Self designed graphic wallet. Meizu M6 SP Money Reciepts
Posted 10 years ago in General Discussion.
372 VStyle vs WBlinds vs XP theme?
Ahaha, and people were sayin: WB has plenty of Minimalist skins earlier :p Can anyone push me some nice clean minimalist skins? I hate chunky tech and...
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
453 Customize everything!!
I customize my gender.
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.

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Leowood by jzatt
and the icon changes.... are the icons on the original files also khoben's? Or is it just for your dock. I find if you can't just have those icons be...
Posted 9 years ago.
Leowood by jzatt
How do you get your dock to look like that though? I played with the settings of the docker app and they're pretty much the presets that osx comes wit...
Posted 9 years ago.
Leowood by jzatt
Thanks man! Oh... you're running Leopard.
Posted 9 years ago.
Leowood by jzatt
What is that delicious bar at the bottom of your screen? I've seen that so many times and It irks me that I dunno what it is. I want it. Nao. Is it co...
Posted 9 years ago.
girl licked by 5gtol
I wish there was an option to hate...
Posted 9 years ago.

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Contrasted Mire
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