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Member since: May 25th, 2004
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179 April, but not fool's day
Well maybe some more suggestions would be good. OH and here's a strange thought, some seconds/thirds/etc. on said suggestions.
Posted 9 years ago in Featureds.
372 When is Custo 10 yrs old?
The poetry thing ...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
179 March
But see now it feels like we're changing them too fast again, it's barely a day that they stay up. I think three or four days would be perfect, not to...
Posted 9 years ago in Featureds.
372 do we still have active staff?
Adding that entire new system would be difficult and presents easy ways for it to be abused. And he's right about it being such a small site, and at l...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
453 Gaia Remix.
Looks snazzy, maybe Lyrae might be interested if you end up abandoning it.
Posted 9 years ago in General Discussion.

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Sleeping Giant by ghostrecon
This is what I fucking get when I finally visit again .... what the hell. Also: I had the Janice reaction to ... that and a sharp pain in my eyes. Mig...
Posted 9 years ago.
Year Zero by Thinker
The sheer minimalism of it makes me want to reminisce. I like it.
Posted 9 years ago.
Boats II by K4PP4
Nice, calming.
Posted 9 years ago.
widescreen pack 11 by ether
Even though I don't have a widescreen anymore I still look forward to these awesome packs. Great job as usual.
Posted 9 years ago.

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Leave of absence.

I realize I already had a leave of absence but c'mon a month is nothin' compared to the year spans I did before. And to my surprise people remembered me. Now that everyone seems to be leaving again that probably won't be the case. None the less I thought I'd be all proper about it and do a blog post. Because I care. Heh. Anyway. I really don't know what to say, except I warned people I thought that screen shot would be my last. And I didn't really know if I'd be hanging around IRC or forums or anything. Other than looking for library notices for my books I haven't been on my computer at all. Sometimes I got the urge to check something -- admittedly not this, but another forum I was obsessed with. But the very thought of check...

Posted 9 years ago

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antimatter says:
Sat 15th Aug, 02:54am
nitzua says:
Sun 13th Jul, 07:45pm
TXTR says:
Sweet last shot.
And: no problem ;)
Sun 23rd Mar, 05:25am
Thanks Adriana!

Thu 21st Feb, 03:32pm
raoul says:
Haha, aite, I shall edit out the "perv" from your comment page, you perv :P

Stay in touch, despite this secret other forum you've been frequenting.

Sat 26th Jan, 03:58pm
onepoint says:
Haven't had the time to learn anything else ;)
Mon 7th Jan, 03:10am
m1n1mal says:
update: don't diss da chuckster xD
Thu 27th Dec, 10:26pm
axii says:

Pyro > Win
Wed 26th Dec, 11:31am
plain-doh says:
Oh, so are you trying to make a better looking version of yourself in the avatar?
Mon 19th Nov, 07:14pm
scipioX says:
Hey there! ya I've been out of the mix for a long time as far as submitting screen shots.

I'm running vista now so I haven't really been looking at visual styles and all that stuff. Is it even possible to hack vista? let me know
Sun 18th Nov, 06:49pm
iTiVO says:
It's about time we see two things of our custo queen:
a new ss AND a picture ;)
Tue 13th Nov, 04:21pm
motorist says:
Hello Adriana ...
How are you lately?
Tue 13th Nov, 12:38pm
MadPotato says:
Hey Adriana,

I just wanted to thank you personally for your constant comments, critique and feedback on my (and of course all those other) submissions. I always look forward to hearing from you!
Mon 12th Nov, 11:07am
noka says:
My legs are still crazy, I just wanted to keep that on the down low for a while. Finally got around to install Linux again after a few years, and i'm so wound up about it :o

Update: yeah, hopefully. but i'm having a rough time getting my wireless internett connection working.
i can see on the hardware control that the card is there, but i cant get any closer to getting it working.
so i was busting my ass off last night, but no luck. the correct drivers to it is already installed on the windows drive. guess its gonna take a whole lot of reading in forums and stuff before i can get it working right. so im hoping for a chill day at work today :P
Wed 7th Nov, 06:22am
SunMoonStar says:
thank you for the kind words Adriana,
i often look to your page to see inspiring things, and also thank you for your help on the forums
and hopefully, I am still growing :)
Tue 16th Oct, 11:28pm
bernadinho says:
Sun 30th Sep, 03:16pm
Scfce says:
THX for the add!
Wed 22nd Aug, 11:49am
quintessence says:
Hey, thanks for the add! I've become a little defunct as of late... can I ask why you added me?
Sat 18th Aug, 05:51pm
RiianF says:
as i already said. i am still working on the config.
and the clear panel was something i was thinking about too
Wed 15th Aug, 08:29am
drai says:
surely, by constipated you mean crazy hawt. right?
Wed 8th Aug, 03:16pm
Thinker says:
Thanks for accepting the friendship!

My sister's name is Adriana (which isn't that uncommon I suppose, but still).
Sun 5th Aug, 08:22pm
Bero_ says:
you stole my o C=
Thu 2nd Aug, 10:27am
theconcept says:
What have we told you about thinking about Angel's amp?! o_O

i forget :/
Sat 28th Jul, 10:47pm
neodude says:
Yeah I know dear been way too long! Just busy with work really and had not much stuff to play around with but with the GAIA suite theres loads off things to get creative with so exspect something soon. Thanks for the concern anyhow.

Update: Yeah I did but I removed allot since some I wasn't happy with, gonna be making a fresh start on here soon me thinks with a new user name and screnshots!
Sat 28th Jul, 08:40pm
Nunch says:
Oh man! that would have been totally awesome if I had done that!
but i'm not that clever. :(
it's been the same :D
Sat 28th Jul, 03:19pm
capitalizex says:
die katze tanzen in meine hose!
Sat 21st Jul, 05:22pm
fractal.design says:

*bang* *bang* *bang*

Oops, how did that hap... *bang* *bang*
Mon 9th Jul, 04:47am
Caliban___ says:
well...thank u for the friendship!have a nice summer!
(still think that you are not a girl lol)
Wed 4th Jul, 05:54pm
pille says:
thank for the friend thing, friend :D

update: (:D) yeah, i deleted it because i thought it was not a real submission, just a "show off" for the wobachi theme i did :S but when mad did his, i thought that i could give the credit to him and delete mine. :D
Wed 4th Jul, 10:16am
SirWonkus says:
thanks for the comments, lady.
Tue 26th Jun, 03:18pm
Thomax says:
The Simpons movie was awsome. Your bro (and you) should go see it
Mon 25th Jun, 02:26pm
amp.angel says:
I always have coffee. :)
Wed 20th Jun, 01:28am
-_- says:
Pyro's advice:

Adriana: ok forgot about modding, you're doing it the other bloody way

Sat 9th Jun, 07:01am
aakio says:

Thank you for all the sweet comments and loves you've been giving me!
Fri 1st Jun, 07:27am
mayluna says:
hey offbeat chick,

how you doing ?

we haven't exchanged information for a long time.
Thu 24th May, 05:05am
circa says:
Your friendly neighboorhood circa says hello
Fri 11th May, 09:20am
vsm says:
you are the special one :D
Tue 8th May, 12:31pm
nosphere says:
I just discovered your worx Pyro_! :D

i really dig your last 3 SS (good old-fashioned burn) :P

thanks for accepting the Add ;)
Sun 6th May, 02:42pm
StriplingRz says:
hey, hate to see you going... i understand tho, i only get on about once a week now too. cya round
Mon 23rd Apr, 09:23am
thechunkster says:
Hey hey.
Wed 18th Apr, 12:10pm
dustkt says:
Sat 14th Apr, 12:07am
- DioS - says:
Sun 8th Apr, 11:39pm
fate0000 says:
Cheers =)
Sat 7th Apr, 09:30am
R I P says:
good to see youre back :)
Sat 7th Apr, 06:20am
Aero says:
like, totally.
Sat 7th Apr, 01:51am
ether says:
female geeks are, like, TOTALLY AWESOME. yieah.
Sat 7th Apr, 12:19am
egolatra says:
yo,yo, long time no see!
Fri 30th Mar, 08:53am