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Everyday, every hour, I wish that I was... Bulletproof.
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Name: Iman Shahid  Female
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 5 years
Member since: June 3rd, 2007
Last update: 7 years ago
Occupation: I use this space to write my Birthday: 18th July, 1994 (15 years old)
Location: Islamabad
Home country: Pakistan
MSN: [email protected]
Software / Tools: My Canon Professional Powershot Sx100 IS.
Media Player: My A... Okay no wait, ew.

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OKAY FIRST OF ALL: . My photography. :)

Gosh I hate this part.

Okay I'm Iman. I'm fifteen.
I like Photography, Digital art, drawing, quiet places, writing, being alone and daydreaming.
But when I'm in the mood for madness, I like chaos, noise, screaming, doing insane things, laughing like an idiot, hangin' with my pals, joking around and talking talking talking. Weeee!


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Hey wait. I don't think I get it. XD
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This is pretty nice. :) Good job. Could I get a link to that wallpaper, though?
Posted 7 years ago.
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Ahaha. Hey, man. Thanks so much! :)
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Hey, thanks. :)
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Yeah you're right, about the simplicity thing. With all those icons and stuff, the wallpaper shouldn't be so complicated. :)
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Well I'm around here more. www.punky01.deviantart.com

Posted 8 years ago

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crazyboat says:
Thank you, add =D
Sun 11th Jan, 11:39am
Nanu says:
Valentines day is pants!
Fri 26th Dec, 10:11pm
kowic says:
hi friendo, good work of yours : )
Tue 25th Nov, 04:21pm
jonacid says:
*scroll, scroll*
Long list of friends...
Thank you for also being one of me. :-)
Thu 30th Oct, 05:45am
MissingYou says:
Yeah.. XD =O =P ^__^
Mon 27th Oct, 01:54pm
neonzip says:
nice new display pic hehe
Sat 18th Oct, 11:45am
blurkness says:
thx... friend accepted :P
Tue 9th Sep, 06:10pm
jg-visuals says:
Okay punky I'll FLICK OFF now. lol

Fri 5th Sep, 10:16pm
meggert says:
Thanks for adding :)
Sun 31st Aug, 02:13pm
Fezzly says:
Yo, what up
Sat 23rd Aug, 05:09pm
LLH-G says:
Hello too. :)
Tue 12th Aug, 11:41am
mangosango says:
thanks for the add ^^
I lol'd at your avatar XD
Tue 8th Jul, 01:53pm
othum says:
hello...thanx for comm...
i like too your pics...
have a good day...
Sat 17th May, 09:31am
bukos says:
Thanks for the add :)
Thu 8th May, 01:14pm
amna says:
Hey Dude...Sup?
love ur wallpapers..they r awosome !!!!!!!!!!
Sat 3rd May, 11:24am
jH says:
Well, hay there! This will likely be a long and prosperous friendship. :P (Btw, you've got a nice gallery, for someone your age.)
Thu 1st May, 04:15pm
dammon says:
Thanks for being a good girl. Thanks for commenting and making me feel good :) . I appreciate that, and I must say, I think it is great that you have been willing to learn. I haven't submitted anything for 3yrs... but, you have some good work, I know this. Continue working hard!
Fri 11th Apr, 11:20pm
RayzZz says:
hey man thx for the request! :)
keep up your good work.

Thu 10th Apr, 09:22am
BgDawg says:
Hi and keep up the great work. I just don't have the time I would love to have. Oh well. I'm one of those people who is here one day and gone another.
Take care
Sat 29th Mar, 10:34am
nosphere says:
no problem, thanks for the "plus" friend request
Sat 22nd Mar, 07:38pm
Thinker says:
No problem! Thanks for the extension of friendship :-D
Tue 15th Jan, 07:54pm
ether says:
i suck at keeping track of my friends' list -- can't believe i haven't linked you yet. :)
Mon 31st Dec, 04:34pm
Rysh says:
Mon 31st Dec, 09:30am
get Carter says:
Hey there, nice to meet you, friend!
Wed 12th Dec, 02:06am
mayluna says:
hi punksterovv

this is me on faceboek
Sun 9th Dec, 12:25pm
Seiger says:
i wont give you my beautiful shirt cause its my favourite one
Mon 12th Nov, 01:36pm
zaigham says:
whazzzzup! :D
Fri 12th Oct, 06:43am
raoul says:
Thanks for the add. Happy Birthday! And, you should prolly change your profile, '13 year olds don't earn for a living' :P
Sun 22nd Jul, 04:59pm
Pip Malt says:
Hailoo Punkaay. =P

- still a great band.
Wed 4th Jul, 11:45am
tazio72 says:
hello young friend.
Thu 28th Jun, 03:09pm
koekoeh says:
Is is difficult to pronounce my name?
well, you could call me Koko for instance ^^;

anyway, thanks for being my friend,
u should go to Bali sometime...
Thu 21st Jun, 10:06pm
Mjc1428 says:
Nothing Much yourself....any new projects coming soon
Thu 21st Jun, 02:54pm
plain-doh says:
Let's hope 2008 isn't a disaster like 2007.
Sun 17th Jun, 02:40pm
Awakened0ne says:
Not much, just enjoying the summer even though I'm taking summer classes. I've been playing football so it's made it worthwhile. You?
Tue 12th Jun, 01:56pm
motorist says:
=D ... Hellooo!
Nice shots btw
Wed 6th Jun, 04:15pm