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Name: Todi  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 6 years
Member since: June 2nd, 2008
Last update: 9 years ago
Birthday: February 1st, 1990 (28 years old)
Home country: Bulgaria
System: Win XP SP2 (lol)
Software / Tools: Sony ACID, FL
Media Player: WinAMP | BSPlayer

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Nothing special :) Wasting my time around :P


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4108 Submitting Pics for Cork 2008
Let c what's gonna happen with those tags

yep, it works :) Picture's name is in the pool ( T+K) <- lol ... Anyway, it is better than usi...
Posted 9 years ago in CustoCork.
1011 Google Icon Removing ?
Triple posting ( tc tc tc tc) ... About *3 I've forgotten to add that I've seen on one of MAD's screenshot of a custom made homepage a s...
Posted 9 years ago in Firefox.

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DSTRY by Izobalax
I'd like to know what OS are you using and the exact name of the image viewer - if it's Totem or if I'm wrong, where I can download it ? Otherwise -...
Posted 8 years ago.
Elysium by Thinker
It's dam' good looking o_O
Posted 8 years ago.
SpringShot by Sid91
Not the greatest combination of styles but well made for first contribution.
Posted 8 years ago.
Den by xnhan00
Great one m8 :)
Posted 8 years ago.

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