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Name: Pat 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 12 years
Member since: March 22nd, 2002
Location: Toronto, Canada
System: 1.4ghz AMD T-Bird
1Gb DDR ram
XP Pro
Media Player: Winamp

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Mainstream by s_kupers
Nice. The render is bad ass! The colours have a nice soft look to them. Looks really good.
Posted 15 years ago.
by MrGrimmx
That ain't flashy, the FLASH animation I'm going to be dropping in it, THATS gonna be flashy :)
Posted 15 years ago.
KloudSkape ReDUX by MrGrimmx
Glad this one has been better received. The NzX text is my tag, I have to leave that there somewhere. And whats wrong with blue?
Posted 15 years ago.

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