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Name: Tom 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 14 years
Member since: January 15th, 2002
Occupation: Graphic Design
Location: US
Current Projects: ThePhoenixLegacy (personal site)
Various Litestep themes
Litestep.com projects
System: Win2000. 1.4Ghz AMD, 256 DDR RAM, Geforce 2 GTS. ALi Magik board. Yea baby! Cheap as hell to buy, fast as balls and the motherboard is black :) Also supports both PC100/133 and DDR. Cool!
Media Player: winamp of course

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453 Concepthue.com back online. Good news, bad news.
Ok, lost everything when moving to new server with ConceptHue.com However, it is back up again, and long awaited promises...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 ConceptHue.com goes online
ConceptHue goes online. May have to change hosts soon due to bandwidth issues. Anyway, it's up and running. Most section...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 What program does everyone use for 3d things
trueSpace is the best 3d program to start on. I did when I was like 13 or 14. I also started with Bryce, but that's more difficult to model with....
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.

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How Long Must We Wait by LucidPhoenix
For the dusty look, first I scanned in a piece of paper that I painted all over on with ink and I think a chinese brush. Yea, definately. But I didn...
Posted 15 years ago.
Assention of the Phoenix by LucidPhoenix
I put in the dna and pearls to make it more dynamic, to give the image more punch. also to give it some depth. Without, it was way too flat. So tha...
Posted 15 years ago.
Rail by LucidPhoenix
Perhaps not everyone would want a photo like this for their wallpaper but I try for maximum exposure of my work :) Sorry if you were loking for some...
Posted 15 years ago.
Very very nice. I like it a lot. I wish it was a bit smoother though. The polygonal effect of the globes are cool, but I mean the rings/bars. If...
Posted 15 years ago.
Product Of My Environment by LucidPhoenix
oh and very easy on your eyes for a wallpaper. :) Since lots of my images are usually bright. Let's work the other end of the spectrum.
Posted 15 years ago.

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How Long Must We Wait
15 years ago

Assention of th...
15 years ago

15 years ago

Product Of My E...
15 years ago

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