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Member since: March 17th, 2002

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453 Aim Reshacking
i'm trying to reshack my aim. So far i changed the splash screen and away message symbol. now i want to change that icon in the top left of the wind...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Where is mobydock
I've been trying to find mobydock on the net, but i cant seem to locate a website for it...aqua-net.org is not working. Does anyone know what the lat...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Samurize question
I just dled Samurize, that program that allows you to display your system info on the desktop. I created a config file for it and put it on my deskto...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Win2k icons
I love some of these sweet icons on these sties. They look great in the screenshots and everything...but after i dl them they look ugly cuz they get...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.

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trying by tiny77
Change the taskbar with t-Clock or use SytelXP. Your matching is pretty good, justa little off. The blue shades from the winamp, icons and backgrou...
Posted 15 years ago.
Blue Angel Eyes by KrazyKidd
i apoligize, i usually give credit to those who deserve it... Wallpaper - photo by kevin chang NOT PHOTOSHOPPED, real lights winamp - Angedelo LCD by...
Posted 15 years ago.
Green by wintweaker
nice, everything matches up. I really like how the explorer matches with the background really nicely. Although i wouldn't be able to stand a small...
Posted 15 years ago.
desk_11.18.02 by IAmTheProdigy
frickin nice matching and nice placement of everything. Very functional
Posted 15 years ago.

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