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Kid Shenck

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Name: Jonas Buckner 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 3 years
Member since: April 13th, 2002

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:: BEE-001 :: by kryll
I like it. I don't like it so much as a wallpaper, but it's nice and clean. If there was a litestep theme built around it, I'd probably download that....
Posted 15 years ago.
azra3l's first html ql attempt w/Spayk! by azra3l
She's 16? Ah, I love the law. I'm 19; she's legal for me. :-D
Posted 15 years ago.
Kaolla2 by jason
It's nice. It looks exactly like the BDE3 theme for litestep. It makes me nostalgic for my interface of old. I only wish Winamp 3 wasn't so darn bulk...
Posted 15 years ago.
Breno Desktop Red by breno
It's nice. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought you were running Enlightenment or something. Good job.
Posted 15 years ago.
Anti-aliasing by Stryfen
That transparency probably makes it pretty freakin' slow, doesn't it? Transparency is nice, but don't over do it. Fairly nice looking, though,
Posted 15 years ago.

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Makeshift Gnome Theme
15 years ago

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