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372 Help identifying skin
It is possible to use the "Grunge Clock" and edit the lines you want. Would be easy if you can edit skins. Here is the link for "Grunge Clock" on Devi...
Posted 2 years ago in Customize.org.

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Christmas Snow Globe - Small - for Rainmeter by Ionstorm
I updated this file to v1.1 with a Celsius skin. The new version should take care of any further difficulties. You will still have to edit the file...
Posted 11 months ago.
Devil May Cry Animated Rainmeter Desktop by Ionstorm
Sorry. I only designed this skin for that resolution. It can fit other resolutions but it doesn't fit as well.
Posted 1 year ago.
Devil May Cry Animated Rainmeter Desktop by Ionstorm
Do a google search for the title. Or on DeviantArt.
Posted 1 year ago.
Assassin's Creed Desktop for Rainmeter by Ionstorm
You will have to find Tech-A on DeviantArt and ask the author. Sorry. Change the color of the buttons with it's customization tool if you are having t...
Posted 2 years ago.
Metal Gear Rising Animated Desktop for Rainmeter by Ionstorm
Links aren't showing for some reason. Find me on DeviantArt. User name: Ionstorm01. Sorry for the confusion.
Posted 2 years ago.

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Lost at Sea by POW...
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