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RBR Rainmeter by Illusive
Thnx I have explained it here.
Posted 6 years ago.
Alienware darkmatter by Illusive
[MeterPWRCircleLight] MeasureName=MeasurePWRpercent Meter=ROUNDLINE X=35 Y=35 StartAngle=0 RotationAngle=4.712389 LineWidth=5 LineStart=22 LineLength=...
Posted 6 years ago.
Pure Digital by prendsterko
Pure awesomeness
Posted 6 years ago.
City Target by magiusavvail
nice work, but can you tell me the yellow button to the extreme left, are they rainmeter or some other stuff.
Posted 6 years ago.
Alienware darkmatter by Illusive
Posted 6 years ago.

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Alienware darkm...
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