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Name: Jarod Blakeman 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 12 years
Member since: November 16th, 2002
Occupation: Student, if you can call that an occupation.
Location: H.R. NC
AIM: idiotdude1187
ICQ: 144752374
Current Projects: Trying not to fail in school...
System: Very crappy: 500mhz, 10gb hdd, 224 mb ram.
Media Player: Winamp 2.9x

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Music: A lot...

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453 ISEARCH toolbar...
it may have messed with your HOSTS file since you can't access certain sites. Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\HOSTS and see if there is anying e...
Posted 13 years ago in General Discussion.

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FeltTip Gaim by Chromakode
Posted 13 years ago.
Serenity 2.0 by mojomonkee
lsbox, damn, I wanted to use this one too :/... /me curses windows 98
Posted 14 years ago.

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