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Name: S 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 10 years
Member since: September 24th, 2001
Location: Orlando
AIM: Funkypickl
System: Dell PIII 850, 512 RAM, 32MB Geforce
Media Player: Winamp

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alzared by Avinomor
If that's Terragen, I'll eat my socks. Looks more like Bryce...however, either way, it looks pretty swell. Colors are nice and different.
Posted 13 years ago.
SIN by Funkypickl
ok ok...i'll learn :) no more text on wallpapers. But thanks for the looks guys, and the tip. (of course if anyone still wants it for their desktop...
Posted 13 years ago.
X In The Shadows by Grusic
Yada yada...it looks great! I would like to know where everyone is finding these really sweet icons (or PNGs for that matter) for their docks. HELP!
Posted 15 years ago.

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