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Name: Joe Davidian 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 11 years
Member since: January 26th, 2002
Occupation: Student
Location: London
AIM: [email protected] (MSN)
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453 Taskbar/systry not showing up
you're using that dock thing at the bottom, in the options of that prog you can disable the tasbar/systray etc. you probably check that box?
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 spanning the globe
where: london, uk why: get exposure, laugh at what some people write, continually search for whody, where are u whody, where are u quote: "All I...
Posted 12 years ago in General Discussion.
453 new site.
sorry wonkus, i dont really like it that much... looks a few years old... i suppose its intuitive enough navigation, just nothing great :/ i guess it...
Posted 12 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Jimi Hendrix help!!
better still, make a kickass design, get some t-shirt transfer paper, and iron them all over some white t-shirts thats what i do... why should i adve...
Posted 13 years ago in General Discussion.
453 quick question
i have lots of money in my account because i havent been able to access it (easily) for about a month or so. ooooooh, what to do with it all. ______...
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.

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horses! by Exposed.Grafik
thx but dont tell me where things go teque5
Posted 12 years ago.
collide by FrostedFlames
going to use winamp after a year of itunes for this skin
Posted 12 years ago.
04 collection by Exposed.Grafik
thanks guys... noone said hello on my website :( upd: thanks for your msg ether :)
Posted 13 years ago.
a science apart by whody
hey lee! this is good stuff mate... long time no speak - that was weird seeing my name on there i thought you'd forgotten all about joe :) nice touch
Posted 13 years ago.
Sunrise on the Tundra by koncept
lol quality! maybe the colour banding is on purpose - the whole aurura lights thing, i cant even be bothered to check how to spell that, i think it lo...
Posted 14 years ago.

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