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Member since: April 14th, 2009
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CountDownLua by Chewtoy
You could, with some tweaking, make two counters in the same skin. Just fix new variables, new meters and measures and fix the Lua script. If you have...
Posted 6 years ago.
SimpleWeather_1.02 by Chewtoy
You can't use this anymore. AccuWeather-feed is dead. Check out the updated version instead:
Posted 7 years ago.
SimpleMeter_v1.02 by Chewtoy
Thanks. And, go ahead and make your own. I don't do docks. I don't use them. They're ugly and clutter the desktop way to much.
Posted 7 years ago.
SimpleWeather-Update by Chewtoy
If you wan to reduce the spacing (for the horizontal), just get in to the ini and change the X-value.
Posted 7 years ago.
Simple Weather Mod (German) by DirkH
Neat. Well done. :)
Posted 7 years ago.

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