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Member since: April 25th, 2007
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GAIA 2008

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372 Unfinished Setup
its fine. your sharing atitude is also cool :)
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
299 Foobar MCV + other issues.
1. that skin uses some colors of the visual style you are using at the time, so all you have to do is change the color from the visual style that you...
Posted 9 years ago in foobar2000.
575 Desk icon label position
clickonic is cool but not so customizable as icondesk
Posted 9 years ago in Litestep.
575 assigning something to jDesk
I am quite shure that you can set the delay time for double click.
Posted 9 years ago in Litestep.
372 Increase frame botton size
set image count to 1...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.

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PHOTO by Caliban___
thanks:) you missed it because I deleted it and I restored recently the font is swiss721 condenssed
Posted 8 years ago.
ribbon by pjdark
Posted 9 years ago.
Straight To The Point by wooko
yep, case never disapoint. however somethings could be improve the setup. If you use the same pixel font in the popup, use the case miranda skin and c...
Posted 9 years ago.
paper by bernadinho
loved... I would change the caption text and caption buttons, but this is still very fresh!
Posted 9 years ago.
iruo by Nairuo
the vs have some awesome details! very creative...
Posted 9 years ago.

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jg-visuals says:
Really diggin' your setups man. Nice work.
Sun 6th Jul, 07:47am
raoul says:
Heya. Grats on the feat :)
Tue 26th Feb, 12:19am
cipha666 says:
great new ava due! :D
Sun 13th Jan, 07:39am
colossus72 says:
Like the screenshots, keep it up.
Fri 14th Sep, 04:31pm
Thomax says:
you have pretty nice screens
Fri 14th Sep, 02:33pm
Pyro_ says:
You've improved greatly in the short time you've been here. :)

Update: You punk! I am a girl, and I could prove it. ;) Heh, no just ask anybody that knows me here, they'd tell ya so.

Update: You need yerself an avatar man! :P
Fri 6th Jul, 02:16am
swayso says:
every shoot is wonderful ! shock me a lot, cool
Thu 5th Jul, 07:30am