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Name: Matt 
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Member since: January 3rd, 2005

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Samui Gloss Graphite by rissol
I don't usually like Mac-Aqua themes, but this is one of the better ones out there. Great job.
Posted 11 years ago.
transparent screen! by pedroo
@AverageJoe: These screens are alrady a reality. I think PC Mag tried some of them.
Posted 12 years ago.
Her Eyes by miktsa2004
IMO, the dock icons ruins it. Not :too: bad though.
Posted 12 years ago.
Mac-TigerOS 10.4 for Windows by whazzuppi
Never really liked Mac themes, and to tell you the truth, this looks nothing like a Mac. :(
Posted 12 years ago.
r-amp by ragnar0ck
Looks great, but the only thing I don't like is the Media Library. Other than that, fantastic job!
Posted 12 years ago.

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