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Dreams of an engineered consciousness.
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Name: Peregrinus  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 7 years
Member since: April 27th, 2007
Last update: 7 years ago
Occupation: Philosopher
Location: Burtonsville, MD
Home country: United States
AIM: Peregrinus Prius
Current Projects: Sixth Plane

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Stoic philosopher deeply interested in the universe and quantum mechanics.


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1735 Bitter Food Rivals
Very well said. Burger King is the king. Anyone tries to compare a burger from McDonalds with one from Burger King is deeply deluded.
Posted 10 years ago in Food Lovers.

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DuSk by PuNk NiRvAnA
I like it.
Posted 10 years ago.
matrixlike by kEiTh _
Posted 10 years ago.
i'm a philosopher by mayluna
They say "don't believe anything you see in the philosophy department". The creativity is undeniable.
Posted 10 years ago.
Gold by PuNk NiRvAnA
Excellent work.
Posted 10 years ago.
anti_racist by super_chicken
I can't believe you got negative feedback. Some people choose to talk; some people actually choose to do. I especially like the quote by Gandhi speaki...
Posted 10 years ago.

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PuNk NiRvAnA says:
I'm doing an internship in a hospital here. Not that I want to become a doctor or anything, it's just for humanitarian and social purposes. :D I want to become a graphic designer. :D :D
So you tell me, hows everything? You never wished me Happy Birthday. :( It was on the 18th. :( :(
Tue 12th Jun, 01:02pm