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Name: David  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 5 years
Member since: August 26th, 2001
Last update: 10 years ago
Occupation: Freelance and stuff
Birthday: July 5th, 1985 (32 years old)
Location: Jakarta
Home country: Indonesia
MSN: apit_tjoe(a)hotmail.com
Current Projects: Freelance... and... stuff...
System: a desktop and a laptop,
that's all you need to know :)
Software / Tools: Photoshop, 3ds Max, Illustrator, IXUS 750
Media Player: Winamp, VLC

Aphaits' Favorite Things

Interests: cheese
Books & Authors: cheese cooking guide
Place: cheese factory
Possession: laptop... and a batch of cheese

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I think I'm prematurely drunk


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a young boy,
Posted 9 years ago in Custo Lounge.
432 Camera help.
any Canon IXUS series should be fine :)
Posted 10 years ago in Custo Lounge.
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yeah Pyro, I also miss the polls...
good times...
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372 right vs left brain
counter-clockwise... dammit, I'm getting more and more logical and boring...
need some creativity juices flowing :P
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.

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daftendirekt by j3_concepts
I wonder if they still use those helmets :D
Posted 10 years ago.
widescreen pack 5 by ether
dumperoodoooooo!!! XD
Posted 10 years ago.
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woohoo, got DDed at DevArt
Posted 10 years ago.
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vray? :D
Posted 10 years ago.

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Silica for Skalc
10 years ago

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that is all.

Posted 10 years ago

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Aphaits has 12 comments.

BlakjaK says:
Just droppin' by to say hello... Hello!
Sat 1st Sep, 07:45pm
MarinoVargas says:
Nice prof. pic...u made it or u found it?
Sun 29th Jul, 12:24pm
Awakened0ne says:
Easy beginnings:
Sun 8th Jul, 03:52pm
motorist says:
Happy Birthday ...
Fri 6th Jul, 02:13am
koekoeh says:
Indonesia is the best!
Sat 12th May, 12:12am
archanN says:
thanks for the add man. im back in custo yo
Tue 8th May, 09:06am
pa khabar bro ?! wah senengnya bisa ketemu saudara setanah air di situs ini ^_^;
Wed 2nd May, 08:28pm
fate0000 says:
Love that calculator!
Thu 1st Mar, 10:08pm
colossus72 says:
Hello fellow 3d guy.
Thu 1st Mar, 07:07pm
heylove says:
Aphaits!!! What's up sugar plum.
Mon 26th Feb, 09:16pm
Nylons says:
And you're back from China? :P
Mon 26th Feb, 05:00pm
ether says:
you're going to australia? oh snap! :D
Mon 26th Feb, 01:28pm