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Name: Tom  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 4 years
Member since: June 25th, 2003
Last update: 10 years ago
Occupation: Teaching English
Location: Thailand


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372 quick update
awesome lamplighter, there's been things that have kept me away too such as lack of broadband until recently, and other life stuff. hope you guys kee...
Posted 8 years ago in Customize.org.
Avatar-50x50 Open the start menu
I've seen someone do it in javascript but I don't think that will help you... what might help you is this though get exmenu by exone, then add somet...
Posted 9 years ago in Rainmeter.
372 Custom Vista Taskbars?
many people have turned their dock into a taskbar, with different docklets and a taskbar hiding app. Thats not really what I needed, all I needed was...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Icons not loading
mukei, might be a silly question but thought I'd check What version of windows you on, because there is a VISTA iconpackage and an XP iconpackage in...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
3808 )8 related screenshots
two other sweet screenshots I've seen on deviantart <a href="http://invaderjohn.deviantart.com/
derjohn's new vista...
Posted 9 years ago in GAIA 2008.

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Ooobooontooo by skryingbreath
awesome wallpaper!
Posted 8 years ago.
PRGRS by wooko
love the colors of this
Posted 8 years ago.
Electric Spore by KNGZero
snap!! this is great. I would love to be able to do something like this I've tried so hard to learn how to use after affects... but still not there....
Posted 8 years ago.
Ecconomy by Thomax
oh snap.... one of the best screenshots I've seen in the past 2 years without doubt
Posted 8 years ago.
Strawberry Milkshake - System Icon Set by kittybella
its nice indeed
Posted 8 years ago.

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RocketDock 1.3.1 Released

for anyone who is interested the latest version of RocketDock is out. if you haven't tried it before, you should! http://www.punksoftware.

Posted 10 years ago

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raoul says:
Awesome release with Myriad, mate. It looks fantastic. :)
Fri 16th Jan, 04:17am
jg-visuals says:
Hey Tom, best wishes with your GAIA '08 stuff.
Tue 9th Sep, 06:26pm
reddit says:
Hi Tom, thanx for the request!
Mon 13th Aug, 11:42pm
G2K says:
Hello Tom!
Mon 23rd Jul, 07:49am
hello ^^;

have u ever been to Bali?
Mon 14th May, 08:05pm
motorist says:
Hello Tom ... How are you? Happy 2008!
Sat 21st Apr, 12:14pm