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Name: Martin Hyldahl 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 12 years
Member since: November 4th, 2001
Occupation: Programmer
Location: Denmark
ICQ: 3182856
Current Projects: Hyldahl's GameLauncher

System: AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1 Ghz
630 Mb PC133 SDRAM
Asus A7V133 motherboard

Adaptec 19160 SCSI controller
Quantum Atlas 10K II, 18,4 GB SCSI harddisk
Western Digital 40 GB ATA100 IDE harddisk
Plextor PX-40TSI SCSI cdrom drive
PlexWriter PX-W1210Ti SCSI cdrom drive
Pioneer 105F IDE DVD drive

Sound Blaster Live! sound card
ATI Radeon 64 MB DDR VIVO graphics accelerator
Sigma Designs REALmagic Hollywood Plus MPEG2 decoder card
Sigma Designs REALmagic Remote Control
Sandberg 100Mbit network adapter

Sony 17'' MultiScan200ES
HP DeskJet 950C printer
Plustek OpticPro 96000P Scanner
Logitech Quickcam Express Web Cam
Cambridge SoundWorks DTT25000 Desktop Theater Speakers
AOpen HX-08 ATX Tower
Media Player: WinAMP

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453 2k > XP?
The only reason I see for using XP is the new icons.. every thing else seems like win2k. I like it simple so, I have turned everything off so it behav...
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.

Recent Reviews

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red_tip 0016p by jujube
Very very nice! I really like the simplicity
Posted 12 years ago.
Abstraxion Icon Set by sone_01
Nice and simple.. :) but a bit large for my taste.
Posted 15 years ago.
spray_ing.snp by snp
Nice and simple! I like that... :)
Posted 15 years ago.
Small world icons by HellDragon
Hehe Cool... I like the Italien one :) But how about one of Denmark ?
Posted 16 years ago.
Genesis 3d Apps XP Icons by genesis
Nice .. :)
Posted 16 years ago.

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MSH Boixycon
16 years ago

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