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Name: Alex  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 years
Member since: January 24th, 2007
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: scientist
Home country: Germany
Media Player: Sonique, Xion

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Interests: Eat, Drink, Breathe


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ALAS has posted 14 times.

372 Need an help with windowblinds and fonts
naalo is right, all fonts without shadow or not outlined are rendered ugly (so putting these colors like ´invisible´ as naalo described is the solutio...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Custom Vista
@SimonSelki: Malice (great theme!) was made for XP, most themes for XP are not really compatible with WB on Vista (there are many new items and featur...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Help with styler toolbars
...just a little joke

styler (a seperate application... google for download) is for customizing explorer and IE seperately (which was not...
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
3854 album recommendations
Kula Shaker got a new one! After 6 years or so! It´s quite grown-up but still very shaggadelic... worth to listen to

nosphere: most of your stuff is...
Posted 10 years ago in Tunes.
1724 Umm... now what?
gaia was a great thing. The main message was "the community here cares for our future". Any contribution to support that idea is precious. Respect to...
Posted 10 years ago in GAIA Project.

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Xanh lam by xnhan00
the icons are aawwsome! all the rest too!
Posted 8 years ago.
G junior by Then
yeah, pretty cool!
Posted 8 years ago.
spring bloom by pixeltheory
same as wooko said.
Posted 8 years ago.

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crest release shot
9 years ago

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