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Adriana: ok forgot about modding, you're doing it the other bloody way


Adriana: freaking stupid worthless piece of freaking crap I bloody hate this stupid crap and I am gonna kill some one I have to make it all over again



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453 who broke IRC?
Hmz not working, thanks though guys. Might need to check my psyBNC first then :x
Posted 10 years ago in General Discussion.
372 finish it off .........
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
372 It's slow. I'm bored. I never do this. OR try not to.
Pointless Pyro =)
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
Avatar-50x50 Visual Styles in Windows Vista
This is where our Custo mascot would come in handy ;) Ask i'd say ;)
Posted 10 years ago in vista.
372 More Ads?
I support this website with all of my heart and soul so i don't care seeing a top add here. If you keep in mind how much it costs to have a server up...
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.

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SSC08 - Bird Pattern by FGD
Yes i do quite like it :) Keep it up!
Posted 9 years ago.
EMM CEE VEE by Thomax
I will mate :) I will, sometime ;)
Posted 9 years ago.
EMM CEE VEE by Thomax
Thomax, i have always watched you becoming better and better and this shot is not an exception! Solid kickass customizing, extremely nicely done! And...
Posted 9 years ago.
NMH by evilmnky204
Pretty decent, however as craves said a bit too dark for my taste too. Good work, might have a look at BlackBox myself now too..
Posted 9 years ago.

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Xfce 4.4.1

Three months later then version 4.4, Xcfe present its first update. Xfce is a light desktopenvironment for the *NIX OS family and aims on speed, without loss of visual aspects and userfriendly commands. Since version 4.4 Xcfe has going through a lot of changes: a new filemanager called Thunar (http://thunar.xfce.org), various improvements related to the Window Manager, etc.. You can find more information about those improvements below or by visting the Virtual Tour (http://www.xfce.org/about/tour). 4.4.1 contains mostly bugfixes and additional translations. Hereby i'm proud post the full changelog: Utilities Library (libxfce4util): * Fix invalid g_slice_free1() in XfceRc code (Bug #2854). * Fix bug when deleting groups. ...

Posted 10 years ago

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dustkt says:
lol @ you and adriana
Thu 14th Jun, 06:28am
Pyro_ says:
Why I gave the advice:
Pyro: yes in the directions it says to mod menu 263, and that menu
is untouched
Saiko: hmz me stupid
Pyro: you modded the internet explorer menu
Saiko: and i'm not even using ie
Saiko: LOL

Also: I'm gon' kill u! If you don't take down that other quote lol.
Sat 9th Jun, 07:09am
motorist says:
: ) >>> good one ...
Tue 29th May, 04:29pm